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The contract term starts from the date and time of the application. It does NOT extend automatically.

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An overview of your acquired content can be found in the section “About the VOD Portal”. To do so, log onto and click on “My Media” at the top of the navigation bar.

For licensing reasons, content can only be purchased with an Internet connection in Germany. For PC / Mac, however, you can download content acquired in Germany and play it within the period of use without an Internet connection. Thus for example also on vacation abroad.

The prices for purchase films are between 7.90 euros and 199.90 euros. More than 100 films are already available with 48h – access for viewing.

Dolby 5.1, or more, Dolby Digital Plus 5.1, is a surround sound format that includes soundtracks for surround, center and bass speakers in addition to the soundtrack for 2 stereo speakers. Dolby 5.1 offers an effective, atmospheric sound almost like in the cinema.

Unfortunately, content on can only be played back in stereo. Now, if you are playing an HD content on your Smart TV, click the screen icon on the Player screen in the video player and select the desired setting. You can adjust the setting using the Options button on the remote control of your media receiver.

For further technical information on Dolby 5.1, click here> on the official Dolby Homepage. You can find an introduction to the topic of home cinema, as well as information on device selection and loudspeaker setup>.

The provision of digital content on the Internet is subject to special protection mechanisms, since the abuse risk is very high. We would like to offer you a comprehensive range of content. This is only possible if we also protect the legitimate interests of the rights holders. All content available at Treasure Video is protected by Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM).

To use TreasureVideo’s offer, you have registered for the respective time intervals. You can view the movies in the appropriate time period as required. You only pay for the period you have chosen.

If you still want to delete your user account, please let us know your TreasureVideo user name, as well as your registered e-mail address. To do so, you can use the contact form at or contact customer service at 03685 40 48 42 at the office hours indicated. We will delete your user account as soon as possible.

Streaming content requires a permanent Internet connection. We strongly recommend a tariff with internet flat rate.

At the time of purchase you will be granted the respective service period from and to the start. Check that the date and time on your device are set correctly. An incorrectly set system clock time can lead to problems with re-playing.

Please check the volume settings in your operating system. For example, under Windows -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices -> Gerber Auto. Check whether the controls are inadvertently set to “Minimum” or “Mute”.

Brightness and color can vary from device to device. These are mostly dependent on the settings of your graphics card driver. For example, if you want to change the brightness of your video display, right-click an empty space on the desktop. Then select an entry such as “Display Properties”, “Graphic Properties” or similar to get to the setting options.

No, as the content of the content only applies to this particular period of time you have selected. Recording or making copies is not allowed and not possible. However, it is possible to repeatedly watch the films repeatedly during the purchased time.

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